101 Cool Backgrounds and Background Photoshop Tutorials for Designers

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A background is cool, if it is something that creates upon the mind of the audience, a sense of appreciation or adoration to its unique and beautiful appearance.

Cool background may appear in different forms and designs but as a whole, they are things that titillates the viewer. It can be a repetition of simple stripes or polka-dots, complex combination of images and colors, or some ornate design. For web designers, background patterns are useful because they can be used in different elements of the design. This is aside from its common use as website background that gives a look and feel on the web page.

In using website backgrounds, web designers should take care that patterns must go with the overall style of the website. Using too "busy" patterns as backgrounds could make the website distractive and annoying. Here in In this article, we have collected 101 cool backgrounds and tutorials that you can use in more ways than one.

You can use this as a website background, inspiration or as a base for an artwork. If by chance you don't like one of the cool backgrounds included here, you can make your own by following one of the Photoshop tutorials below.

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