25+ Cool jQuery Countdown Scripts

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I am sure you have noticed the countdown features on e.g. sport sites showing countdown until a big event. You have probably also seen sites that are not online yet or down for maintenance using a jQuery countdown timer to tell visitors when to come back. This is called a under construction timer or landing page. They can also be used to countdown to a release date of a game, a movie or to a party. Countdown or jQuery timer scripts simply have many useful use cases and the good news is that there are some really good scripts you can use on your site.

In this article, you will find most of the useful jQuery countdown scripts available right now. jQuery is also useful in many other areas and in particular jQuery Slider, jQuery carousel and plugins can give a website a face-lift. If I missed some scripts, you like then please leave a comment. I am doing ongoing updates to the article where I add new jQuery countdown timers and check the links and current ratings of the elements I have included.

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