Online Wiring: Visio alternative SmartDraw !

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So you have used Visio before ?

Have heard about SmartDraw ?
SmartDraw boasts a Windows desktop and cloud-based application that supports Mac OS X and iOS viewing and editing. SmartDraw offers an impressive range of templates. The diagramming application, both the cloud and Windows desktop versions, supports 70 kinds of visuals (including network diagrams, flowcharts, organization charts, decision trees, mind maps, and floor plans), boasts some 4,500 templates, and includes 34,000 symbols.

The ample visuals, symbols, and charts inventory means you'll find the elements you need when building network maps, diagrams, charts, and similar drawings. While the standard default symbols included with Visio seem dated, SmartDraw possesses contemporary icons for a wide range of elements.

Using the web-based platform, Mac users can create, view, and edit landscapes, maps, floor plans, flowcharts, network diagrams, and numerous other diagrams, and then update and view the same files using an iPhone, iPad, or Windows desktop. iOS users can also create new files, if they wish.

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